Thursday, March 18, 2010

Never a Good Thing

So, I've been thinking...

I would like an aviary for our little bird. I do not like birds and find them particularly scary out in the open. (This is due in a large part to watching Alfred Hitchcock's 1963 movie, 'The Birds' and then being attacked by an army of crows).

Although I do not like birds, I ended up with one from my children. And, scary as they can be out in the open, it is even more sad to see them in a cage. He has a very large cage as it is, but I think he might need to have an outdoor aviary built for him so he can be in it on summer days. He should also have a few friends that aren't plastic.

So, unfortunately for Keith, my $10 bird is going to turn into about $200 in materials, hours of his time (What? You didn't think I could build it, did you?), and almost every ounce of patience he has left.

I shall add it to the rather lengthy list of projects that I've thought of this winter. -R

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