Thursday, August 19, 2010


August has been a busy month so far, we had some beautiful weddings in the heart garden, best wishes to those that got married.

We were booked solid for August long weekend, I hope it is at least half as good for September long weekend.As people start to get their children ready for school which goes back in session in less than a month, things will start to slow down. We have had visitors form everywhere, we had a couple all the way from Australia just the other day. So we enjoy hearing where you're from and how far you have traveled to come see us. We also enjoy seeing the B.C. and the Alberta travelers.

But wild fires have slowed down on the traveling a little bit, the weather has been a little nasty, with the smoke and the ash. There are days that we can't see the lake through the smoke. At least the fires are not too close so we don't have to worry too much. Our thoughts are with the ones that the fires are effecting! But we do like see the die hard campers that will come rain or smoke.

So we are looking forward to seeing the campers that are planning on coming to see us in the next couple of months. - B

Saturday, August 7, 2010


July was an exciting month at Robert's Roost. We were at full capacity for much of it, and had to turn away several campers who were caught unaware during Billy Barker Days.

Dog Agility camps and trials again took place for about 14 days. Our campers got to watch these amazing dogs and their handlers go over ladders, through tunnels, over jumps and weave in and out of poles. The weather was smoking hot and everyone got maybe a bit more of a workout than they wanted! By the end of the camp (put on by Kim Collins @ Pawsitive Steps) there were probably more than a few campers who were happy to head home to their own beds!

Quesnel's annual summer festival, Billy Barker Days, happened to occur during the camp, and we welcomed many more visitors to the park. We stayed home for the majority of the weekend as we were busy, but we did manage to take the kids down to the park to watch the fireworks after we closed the office on Sunday night.

The month of July was hot and dry, and many fires started around the Cariboo at the end of the month. All were caused by lightning and most of BC is on a campfire ban. The air quality has been touch and go lately with some days better than others. On the worst day I was looking out my window and I would almost trick myself into believing that it was winter! We received a large amount of rain last night, and again today, so hopefully it will help put out the fires.

For any of our fishermen coming to visit us this fall, the lake level is awfully low right now and the surface temperature has been similar to bath water. Here's hoping for a little bit more of this cool weather and rain (never thought I'd hear myself say that) and a better snow pack this winter. The fish are still biting, but not with any frequency.

At the moment I am content to listen to the rain, drink my tea and watch the children play.