Thursday, September 8, 2011


I realize that, once again, I have been a very bad blogger. In my defense, I was encouraging Keith to fill a page with the inner workings of his brain (only what pertains to the roost)but the plans grew too big for our limited free time. Suffice to say, you missed out on something great. Maybe once things slow down at our little piece of paradise, he will be able to bless you with his ramblings and photographic styling. Until then, you're stuck with me. Spoiler Alert - his post may or may not involve some costume changes as well as an uncooperative Chihuahua and a black lab.

Lots has happened since our last post in June. We've installed automatic exit gates (entrance coming soon), hosted 10 days of Dog Agility Trials and training camps at the park, enjoyed Billy Barker Days (from a distance), had a pleasant visit with our exchange student from China (we do apologize to his parents if he arrives back home a little more warped than when he left), completed a LOT of painting at the park, said goodbye for the season to our wonderful work campers - Zane & Donna, and spent many days inside reading while the rain drizzled/poured down outside. The weather did not lend itself to many days spent lounging outside in the sun, but it was a perfect year to plant any type of vegetation and have it thrive.

September brought the sun though, and it's been wonderful. I has been hotter in the last few days than it has been all summer and I plan on enjoying every minute of it!

Until next time.... - R.