Friday, December 16, 2011

Snow Day!

This morning we woke up to a foot of wet, sloppy snow. The car tried it's best to make its way out of our rather formidable (in the winter at least) driveway to no avail. I was stuck 10 feet out the garage door. So, I did what any self respecting girl would do. I called my mommy.

Gook road was impassable to anything other than 4 wheel drive, so I walked out to the highway so my mom could pick me up. Of course today was the staff potluck lunch at my school, so I also had to carry a tray of food.

It was still snowing and the snow was up to my knees as I trudged through the unplowed roads. When I was almost at my destination (after several people had passed me already) a very gentlemanly neighbour finally stopped to ask if I might need a ride. I didn't, but I loved the fact that in this day and age, someone would still find it within themselves to ask.

It is now ten o'clock in the evening and the snow has turned to rain making a bad situation on the roads even worse. Keith is currently on his way home through the pine pass and will be driving through the night. We hope that he travels safely and that anyone in need of a helping hand tonight finds a good-hearted fellow traveler on the road willing to help out. -R

Thursday, September 8, 2011


I realize that, once again, I have been a very bad blogger. In my defense, I was encouraging Keith to fill a page with the inner workings of his brain (only what pertains to the roost)but the plans grew too big for our limited free time. Suffice to say, you missed out on something great. Maybe once things slow down at our little piece of paradise, he will be able to bless you with his ramblings and photographic styling. Until then, you're stuck with me. Spoiler Alert - his post may or may not involve some costume changes as well as an uncooperative Chihuahua and a black lab.

Lots has happened since our last post in June. We've installed automatic exit gates (entrance coming soon), hosted 10 days of Dog Agility Trials and training camps at the park, enjoyed Billy Barker Days (from a distance), had a pleasant visit with our exchange student from China (we do apologize to his parents if he arrives back home a little more warped than when he left), completed a LOT of painting at the park, said goodbye for the season to our wonderful work campers - Zane & Donna, and spent many days inside reading while the rain drizzled/poured down outside. The weather did not lend itself to many days spent lounging outside in the sun, but it was a perfect year to plant any type of vegetation and have it thrive.

September brought the sun though, and it's been wonderful. I has been hotter in the last few days than it has been all summer and I plan on enjoying every minute of it!

Until next time.... - R.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The re-location & re-assignment of Trailer #3

For a lot of our customers who have spent years in trailer three down on the point, I am posting some pictures of a project that was undertaken in April of this year.

Trailer 3 is an older trailer that does not have the benefit of any air conditioning. It sat right down on the point where it received the full brunt of the hot afternoon sun. And, due to it's age, was not the nicest trailer for everyone to look at all year long!

After much debating, we decided to de-commission the trailer and move it to site #1 where it is right beside our front gate. This is a nice shady site and is a prime location for either a new office location or for a night security person.

The first set of pictures is a collage of 'moving day'. Keith had just gotten home from the oil fields in Alberta, so his truck was a little filthier than usual!

From this:

To this (note the nice new paint job? Now it blends right in and I don't even see it!)

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Although I typed the title a little tentatively, I think spring is finally here. In the Cariboo, spring is much more than just a date on the calendar, and usually has its own ideas as to when it will truly arrive.

Last night the sound the nesting birds were making was incredible. It could not be described as anything other than a cacaphony, but it was still beautiful to fall asleep to. And, although there is still a chill in the air, when the sun makes an appearance during the day it is downright glorious! Spring flowering bulbs have started poking up in the gardens and grass is starting to green up in areas. Most importantly, the ice is slowly retreating from our shores.

As I type this post there are a few hardy campers sitting around a nice warm campfire, enjoying the late night symphony that can only be heard on a lake in spring. The tinkle of shifting ice, a late night breeze though the dried cattails, and birds.... Lots and lots of birds!

Even though it is still cold at night, Keith could not wait any longer for camping season to start and has turned on water to the sites. Today was our first official day open for 2011.

Let the games begin!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Turn out the Lights

Help symbolically express your concern for the earth by turning off your lights at 8:30.

Several restaurants in town are helping out by having 'dinner by candlelight' events, but Hannah and I have opted to stay home. After much thought, we have decided that nothing would be better than lighting our first campfire of the year and roasting hotdogs (veggie for Hannah) and marshmallows.

What are your plans for the evening?