Sunday, June 26, 2011

The re-location & re-assignment of Trailer #3

For a lot of our customers who have spent years in trailer three down on the point, I am posting some pictures of a project that was undertaken in April of this year.

Trailer 3 is an older trailer that does not have the benefit of any air conditioning. It sat right down on the point where it received the full brunt of the hot afternoon sun. And, due to it's age, was not the nicest trailer for everyone to look at all year long!

After much debating, we decided to de-commission the trailer and move it to site #1 where it is right beside our front gate. This is a nice shady site and is a prime location for either a new office location or for a night security person.

The first set of pictures is a collage of 'moving day'. Keith had just gotten home from the oil fields in Alberta, so his truck was a little filthier than usual!

From this:

To this (note the nice new paint job? Now it blends right in and I don't even see it!)