Monday, August 31, 2009

Deadline fast approaching!

For anyone who doesn't yet have their Pleasure Craft Operator (or equivalent) Card yet, September 15th is the deadline. If you still need to get it, you can take your test online at

"All boat operators in Canada must have the Card or they risk expensive fines.* There is no minimum age to get certified and no age exemption. The length of the boat does not matter, nor does the size of the engine. The Card is good-for-life and is recognized across Canada and the US." -

Saturday, August 29, 2009

That kind of a week...

We are at the end of a week that is both happy and sad. The day that we have been dreading has arrived. C. has just completed her last day of work before heading back to school. Although we are sad for us, we are happy for her.

Although we are saying goodbye for the season to a very valued employee, we get the pleasure of welcoming and working with the newest addition to 'Team Dragon'. C. has been busy training her for the past few days, and we know that all the returning fall fisherman will join us in making her feel welcome at the Roost!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lookin' Out My Backdoor...

We may not have a flying spoon or a giant doing cartwheels, but I still think that what we have is pretty great.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tracking the Deals in August

The hit reality show, "Mantracker," recently filmed two episodes in the Quesnel area. This has surprisingly created some team spirit throughout Quesnel. First of all, K. auditioned for the show...along with 300 other people. Unfortunatley, he didn't receive a call back. How entertaining would it be to watch him though! They're crazy.

I will admit that even I was a little excited, and took my sort of nieces to the BBQ yesterday to meet him. He was very nice.

As a result of his visit, several businesses had "Mantracker" summer sales, and painted their windows to say, "Track the Deals." How does this relate to Robert's Roost? Well, since I was able to convince Robin & Keith to join Facebook, we might as well go all out with the bandwagons, and have our own "Track the Deals Promotion!"

For the month of August, book any of our Trailers for 4 nights, and get the 5th night free! Just mention that you saw it on the internet.

Find some photos of Trailer 2, and Trailer 1 (the mobile trailer with hedges) below. All of the trailers are located on the lake.


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Better things to do...

As much as I'm enjoying the heat right now, I can't help but lament about our poor garden. The grass is a sickly shade of yellowish brown and the flowers have seen better days. With all the dry weather and the lower water level of the lake, we can't justify keeping the irrigation going every night. As embarrassing as the brown lawn is, it would be even more embarrassing to have a nice, well-watered green lawn. Especially on the scale that we have.

Every time I start to feel a little bit down about the state of the grounds, I have a guest come into the office to tell me how great it is here. This has made me realize that as beautiful as the grounds are, it is hard to top mother nature. Sunsets on the lake, fish jumping and the reflection of the moon playing on the water are all pretty hard to beat. Throw in the antics of the baby ducklings and you have entertainment and relaxation for the whole family.

And remember, summer's short so try to spend as much time enjoying our beautiful lakes as possible. We are lucky enough to live in a province known for it's breathtaking scenery. Instead of turning on your TV when you get home from work tonight, get in your vehicle and go explore your own backyard. There's a reason why we call our home 'Beautiful BC'. (Thank you CM for the great pictures!) - R