Saturday, August 1, 2009

Better things to do...

As much as I'm enjoying the heat right now, I can't help but lament about our poor garden. The grass is a sickly shade of yellowish brown and the flowers have seen better days. With all the dry weather and the lower water level of the lake, we can't justify keeping the irrigation going every night. As embarrassing as the brown lawn is, it would be even more embarrassing to have a nice, well-watered green lawn. Especially on the scale that we have.

Every time I start to feel a little bit down about the state of the grounds, I have a guest come into the office to tell me how great it is here. This has made me realize that as beautiful as the grounds are, it is hard to top mother nature. Sunsets on the lake, fish jumping and the reflection of the moon playing on the water are all pretty hard to beat. Throw in the antics of the baby ducklings and you have entertainment and relaxation for the whole family.

And remember, summer's short so try to spend as much time enjoying our beautiful lakes as possible. We are lucky enough to live in a province known for it's breathtaking scenery. Instead of turning on your TV when you get home from work tonight, get in your vehicle and go explore your own backyard. There's a reason why we call our home 'Beautiful BC'. (Thank you CM for the great pictures!) - R

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