Saturday, November 22, 2008

November Storm

Last night we had 90 km/h winds, actually, they were here throughout most of the day. I came home in the afternoon to find what would be two truckloads of branches from the Lombardies strewn across the road up front. The neighbors must have been thrilled. Hannah and I cleaned them up, then tended to the other things that had fallen victim to the wind. Both of the Christmas trees we put up outside had blown over, and we even had a stray peddle boat from across the lake blow up on our shore. Perhaps if I had left the old dock in a bit longer, it would have also been destroyed. Strange weather this year. November 22, and the lake is wide open, and I worked outside today in a t-shirt. -K

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fall Getaway

The campsite is empty and the boat is in winter storage. It is officially time to 'get out of dodge'.

We pulled the kids out of school for a week and headed east to Alberta to watch an evening of the 'Canadian Rodeo Finals' in Edmonton. After a couple of nights there we jumped in the car again and headed down to Drumheller where we saw lots of cool scenery, dinosaur bones at 'The Royal Tyrell Museum' and very large snakes at 'Reptile World' (well, Keith and the kids saw them.... I saw the tops of my shoes)

After a few nights in Drumheller we jumped in the car again and drove to Salmon Arm to visit family. Even though it was a quick trip, we made the time to head down to one of our favourite spots in town and go for a walk along the quay. Check out the beautiful view.

It was a quick trip as the kids couldn't miss too much school, but we're all very happy to be back at 'The Roost' with the cat and the dogs!