Saturday, April 17, 2010


This year will be our third summer operating Robert's Roost. Although we knew it would be a lifestyle change, the first year caught us totally off guard. We were already used to working long hours at our previous job, but had the convenience of working in a location with an onsite restaurant. This helped ensure that our children actually got fed. They were even able to eat healthy food due to all the homemade soups and sandwiches. Unfortunately it also taught them the phrase, "Just put it on Mom and Dad's tab." Being here, we had to actually make the effort to eat. It was a common occurence to be reminded by the kids at nine o'clock at night that we haven't had dinner yet. We became best friends with every delivery driver in town!

We were lucky enough to have great staff to help us through the first few years and we are getting better at not trying to do everything ourselves. We even went out on the boat a few times last year! Although we are starting to find the balance between family and work time we still feel like we don't spend enough time with the kids over the summer holiday. This has led Keith to the conclusion that we need to take them for a mini-vacation sometime before they head back to school.

I said I was getting better at letting go, not that I was cured! There are just too many things that can happen unexpectedly. Electrical outlets needing immediate replacement, water lines bursting, internet shutting down, hot water heater needing a little TLC, boat motors needing tweaking, campers needing to locate an after hours vet at three in the morning, etc... etc... etc.... We can't leave all that for our employees!

Maybe I can talk him into a nice vacation in Hixon....

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