Thursday, April 16, 2009

One of THOSE People

Wow, February 2. Really? Sorry to everyone I've been boring to tears with my blog updates. I hate logging onto people's blogs that I like to read and seeing no current posts. I guess I can't be too irritated after looking at my own dated entry. Well, spring is here and now there's interesting things happening. Who wants to see snow anyway?

Here is a quick recap of what you've missed in the last few months....

Keith learned how to tie a fly, the new dock is built and ready to put in the water, the re-roofing project for Trailer 1 is half complete (short-shipped on our roofing order), some new windows a door and fridge are going in next week as well. We took delivery of our new Breyers Ice Cream Freezer as we have made the switch from hard ice cream to ice cream bars (anyone want to buy a large ice cream freezer?).

The new freezer gives us WAY more office space and we were able to fit in an internet kiosk. The only downside to this is that my grandpa may not ever visit me again. He loves his Maple Walnut ice cream!

We were finally able to open sites 1-13 yesterday. It's still too wet to open up the other sites. Hopefully by next week everything will be up and running.

We still have about 22" of ice on the lake. You can check out the ice by going to our website and viewing our lake cam.

It's supposed to be nice and warm today, so I plan on working out in the yard all afternoon. - R.

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