Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I think I saw....

As Keith and I were wandering around the property surveying the rapidly rising lake water, we were enjoying the variety of ducks that are taking advantage of the newly open water surrounding us.

I am fairly new to the bird watching business, so I am not entirely certain I saw what I saw, and I am also sure that I've never seen one before now. Confused? Me too. After looking in my bird book, I think it was this:

The Cinnamon Teal. He is, 'a small, dark chestnut duck with large chalky blue patch on forewing...' Which I saw as he was flying away. Apparently my excitement was not very quiet. I most likely won't be asked to join any birdwatching clubs anytime soon.

If anyone has any suggestions as to what else it may have been with this colouring, please let me know as he seems like he may be a tiny bit north of where he normally goes. -R

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Cleo said...

Hi Robin,

Think you are right on this one. We saw several on Dragon last fall, and have seen them before. Not in great numbers. Their cinnamon color is very striking. Very pretty ducks.