Monday, February 17, 2014

Dreaming of open water and Campfire Food

Those who know me, know that if pickles and wine don't count towards my daily 5, I'm screwed. Inexplicably though, the last few days I have been craving fruit and vegetables. I'm not sure if it's because my body is trying to save itself with some actual nutrition or because the sunshine has me thinking of all things summer related. I'm going to go with the 'all things summer related' explanation. Mainly because I have also been thinking about barbeques, hotdogs and food cooked over an open fire.

Back when the kids were little, our camping food consisted of bags of chips, the variety pack of little cereal boxes that you can just add milk to, and hot dogs. We weren't very inventive. But now, thanks to Pinterest and all other sites that make you realize that you were a failure of a parent, we can correct our shortcomings. Now I know that all you need is tinfoil and a fire to create a gourmet dinner out in the sticks.

Feel like having some Baked Brie with Brandy or some Roasted peaches for dessert? Just grab your tinfoil. I thought my parents were fancy because they roasted potatoes, cooked bacon and eggs and wrapped hotdogs in bannock!

This wonderful lady even made Campfire Cones.

The next time we go camping, I promise my kids that we will have wonderful and interesting food. It will be so wonderful and interesting that they probably won't eat it. So, as a fail safe, I will make sure that I have everyone's favourite camping foods packed as a back up. Chip and pickle sandwiches, bannock and HOTDOGS!

In the meantime, I am going to have a little taste of summer right now. I have made a delicious chip sandwich (balanced with some orange wedges on the side so I don't get scurvy), poured a generous glass of Pinot Grigio and plan on typing 'pinterest fails' into the search bar while I enjoy a roaring fire from the comfort of my couch.

What's your go to food for camping?


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