Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Feather, Fur, & Fin (Minus the Fur...)

K. asked me to do an update on the Blog. However, nothing exciting has really happened today, other than the weather's famous Cariboo mood swings. Therefore, I will give the highlights from the past week: fishing conditions, and bird sightings.

Fishing season is finally upon us, much to the joy of visiting campers who have been anxiously waiting for the past month. The fish are feeding on micro leeches, some shrimp patterns, and much to my dismay, chironomid flies (also known as blood worms, midges, or gnats). See the things I am learning?? For someone who doesn't fly fish I think I am doing okay!

On another note, there was a little bird that came for a visit this year, which was a wonderful surprise. R. found it in her bird book, and it is called the 'Western Tanager.' They spent last week right outside the window, circling above the water. I also saw them along the Riverwalk downtown. I told them that they could come back next year, but I don't think they understood me. There are actually several birds in the area right now. The other day I went kayaking and saw a few different types of black birds, some beautiful ducks, and of course, the tanager. In and around the campsite there are also robins, chickadees, sandpipers, geese, and even crows!

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