Friday, September 26, 2008

Mushroom Adventures

Shhhh.. don't tell too many people our secret, but the Shaggy Manes are unearthing their magnificently white 'lawyer wigs' throughout our 30 acres. Someone was telling me a tale about a camper who was walking his dog in the field, and on his side was a bag full of Shaggys, and plastered on his face was a champignon smile. Book your reservation quickly if you want some, as they turn into their inedible 'inky' stage very quickly! - C


karenkay said...

You can eat these????

Robert's Roost said...

Shaggy Manes are delicious. I had never tried them before this year when one of campers brought us some to try. I made him eat them first though to make sure that I wouldn't die!- R